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UT Multi Use Breeder

UT Multi Use Breeder

Ideal for separating pregnant females from other tankmates, protecting new-born fry from potential predators, isolating injured of aggressive fish, and more! Includes 4 suction cups for convenient placement anywhere inside your aquarium.

Sometimes life inside an aquarium needs a quiet area whether it's because a new fish is a little too aggressive toward the rest of the community or you need place for newborn fry to flourish without any threat from adult fish. When those situations arise, use the Underwater Treasures Multi-Use Breeder from Big Al's Pets. This multi-purpose chamber is a snap to assemble. When it's ready simply secure it to the inside of the tank using four suction cups.

Once the Underwater Treasures Multi-Use Breeder is in place, make it your nursery or a safe haven for a pregnant, sick or injured fish. The chamber measures 7.9" x 3.9" x 3.9". Since the multi-use chamber is inside your aquarium is uses your filtration and heating systems, making it a home within a home for your fish.

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