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German Blue Ram

German Blue Ram

Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) AKA Ram Cichlid, German Blue Ram, Butterfly Cichlid,Ramirezi Dwarf Cichlid, Ramirezi Found in the Orinco River basin in the savannahs of Colombia and Venezuela, South America. Unlike most members of the Cichlid Family, Rams are a very peafcul, omnivorous fish and make a great and colourful addition to a community tank. They can be kept with othe non agressive cichlids or with other peacful tropial species. These explores love a planted tank with plenty of hiding spaces. They benefit greatly from driftwood, rocks and caves.
  • Care Guidelines

    Care Level - Intermediate
    Min. Tabk Size - 10 gallon
    Adult Size - 2 "- 3"
    Lifespan - 2 - 4 years
    Tank Level - No preferred region, spends it's time swimming all over
    Temperature - 78 - 85 degrees F /
    Ph - 6 - 7.5
    Hardness - 6 - 14 dKH

  • Tankmates

    Silver Dollars
    Dwarf Gourami
    Rummmynose Tetra
    Kuhli Loaches
    Livebearers (Molly, Platy, Guppy, Endler)

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