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Aqueon Frameless Cube 14 Gallon

Aqueon Frameless Cube 14 Gallon

The 14 gallon Aqueon Frameless Cube Aquarium boasts an elegant modern design that accents that natural beauty of the aquatic ecosystem within. With smooth clear silicone and clean, beveled edges on the glass, the aquarium offers uninterrupted viewing from all sides so that the focus becomes the internal aquascapre, not the aquarium itself. The Aqueon Frameless Cube Aquarium comes with a durable foam levelling foam mat that is used to protect both the bottom of the tank and the aquarium stand and a glass top helps to reduce the amount of evaporation and keep fish from jumping out. Well suited for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

15.125" x 15.125" x 15.125"

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