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AQUEON PURE Bacteria Supplement (4pk)

AQUEON PURE Bacteria Supplement (4pk)

SKU: 015905001366

PURE Live Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes - 10 gal - 4 pk

The 10 gallon dose of Aqueon PURE Live Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes is a top of the line nitrifying bacteria supplement designed to help maintain a well-balanced freshwater aquarium. Nitrifying bacteria are essential to have in your tank, as they convert harmful ammonia and nitrite from excess waste and detritus into the significantly less toxic nitrate. These unique semi soluble balls offer an ideal surface area for bacteria and enzymes to live until the conditions within the tank are perfect for them to operate efficiently and effectively.

To eliminate the risk of "overdosing" your tank, the balls were created in the time release style, meaning that any excess bacteria will be waiting to be used again later. For the discerning aquarist, these bacterial spheres have no visual impact, and are completely invisible once put into the tank. Though not fully dissolvable, the small amount of Aqueon PURE Live Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes that is left behind can be removed during water changes. Comes in a 4 pack of balls to keep your aquarium water clear and healthy and works most effectively when introduced to a filtered tank system. Add one ball per 10 gallons of water.

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