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Before/After using ThriveS

A valued customer of ours, Victoria, had reached out to us to seek advice about what to do with her low-maintenance aquatic plants that were looking a little less vibrant than what they were when she had first planted her aquarium.

Knowing she had a neocaridina shrimp colony, we had advised that she tried ThriveS.

“Thrive S is an aquarium plant fertilizer specifically formulated for freshwater planted aquariums that contain shrimp. Due to the sensitivity of freshwater shrimp, it is important to have a balanced composition of nutrients, especially when it comes to copper. Copper is necessary for all living organisms, including shrimp. These creatures, however, are quite sensitive to elevated levels of copper. As a result, Thrive S fertilizer has been synthesized as a copper-free liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants. By using this Thrive aquarium fertilizer, shrimp will be able to obtain all necessary levels of copper from their diet. Therefore, there is no need to add more copper through the process of plant dosing.”

With a little rearranging and consistent product use with her routine maintenance, in just over a month her aquatic plants have achieved some amazing results (and a shrimp population explosion, too!).

Thank you Victoria for sending us this feedback!

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